One size doesn't fit all

We create your personalized workout plans

1. One of my friends joined the gym after forcing by his friends on the merits of weight training. After few days he left the gym.”I do yoga every morning; that makes me feel really good. When I joined I found it very bad and noisy, and even didn’t enjoy weight training-gym was not for me”, he says

2. And one more of my friend wanted to get fit. After trying walking, he decided that he needed something more fun and joyful.”I need to take up a sport instead of this boring walking. Badminton was a good option.The joy of playing a new sport and watching myself get good at it was a great thrill”. he says.

3. “I complete my office work at around 7.30 pm. I have my gym membership next to my office. After my office work, I workout for 45 min with my coach and will go home. I don’t spend much time to commute to the gym and it’s a big bonus to me”, says a businessman 

It means that different workouts suit different type of people. Like the saying goes:different strokes for different folks.

We will help you to choose the best workouts which suit u best.


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