21 best natural weight loss tips that really works [ Guaranteed Results]

21 best natural weight loss tips that really works [ Guaranteed Results]

Many people think that weight loss can only be achieved by doing high-intensity workouts, going to the gym every day or by taking advice from professional dieticians. But you can also burn your stored fat at home in a natural way without having any side effects. Unhealthy lifestyle is only the main reason for obesity. So first get out of your unhealthy habits from your lifestyle. I know its very difficult at the beginning but once you get into this process and adopt healthy habits. You are going to love it once you see the improvement in your overall health and your body shape.

weight loss trasformation from fat to fit
From fat to fit


The following weight loss tips at your kitchen can help you to lose your stored fat in an effective way. These are completely natural.

Protein-rich foods :

I recommend you to add high and lean protein foods in your diet for weight loss many healthy living people eat protein to boost metabolism. Including proteins in your diet makes you feel full for a longer time. The feeling of fullness will help you to eat less food throughout the day. Your body will burn an extra few more calories
when you eat protein because your body has to work hard to digest the protein. The energy to digest protein comes from your body fat. Protein helps you to built muscles. A muscular body has an ability to burn more calories even at rest. This is the power of protein. Try to eat different types of protein foods that may improve your overall diet. How much protein to burn fat?. The daily recommended amount of protein per day is 0.8gm per kilogram of your body weight(0.36 grams per pound of your body weight. But the protein intake completely depends on many factors like your age, height, and your activity level. It is good to calculate your protein intake as per your goal.


Use coconut oil for cooking :


Coconut oil for weight loss
Coconut oil


It is the best worlds weight loss friendly fat. Powerful effects on metabolism because of its unique combination of fatty acids. Many studies have proven that cooking with coconut oil will help u lose fat particularly the worst fat in the abdominal area(visceral fat). It is very high in medium chain triglycerides(MCT’S) that boost metabolism and helps you burn more stored fat. coconut fats metabolize differently when compared to other fats. They directly sent to liver from our digestive tract and used for energy right way. Different foods have different effects on our metabolic health when comes to coconut oil it shows very positive effects on weight loss. Studies have confirmed that using 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil will increase your usage of energy at 6-8%. The calories come from coconut oil is not like our regular oils. Even though we have healthy oils use coconut oil as an effective way of burning fat.

Drinking enough water :


Drinking water for weight loss


Does water really help to burn fat? the answer is yes. Drinking enough water keeps yourself stay hydrated and encourage weight loss. It cleans our body from waste. Drinking a glass of water before 30 mins of a meal help u feel full and helps in digestion. But please remember don’t try to drink too much of water before and after a meal, it will dilute digestion juices. drink water after an hour of a meal to allow our body to absorb nutrients into our system. This increases our absorption power replace calorie filled sugar drinks with water to lose weight. if u feel bored to drink plain water try add lemon slice to water.it is proven pectins in lemon helps reduce food cravings.it is an effective way to drink ice cold water on empty stomach it boosts metabolism because our body has to work hard to warm up water, therefore,burning more calories helps you to lose weight. If you really want water to burn fat make sure you drink enough water thought out the day. You should follow the 8*8 rule more nutritionist recommend.

Coffee for fat burning :


A cup of coffee for weight loss
Coffee without mixing sugar


The best quality of coffee contains several health benefits because of its antioxidant properties. Make sure not to add high amount sugar to coffee that adds more calories which is not best for weight loss and it shows negative benefits for your health. Studies have shown that I will increase your metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process but it will make u dehydrate if u overdose caffeine so please make sure to drink more water to fight dehydration. It enhances your performance in the gym but please take only recommended intake otherwise it will increase your heart rate. Up to 400 mg of caffeine is considered safe for most healthy adults.

Drink green tea :

A cup of green tea without sugar for weight loss
Green tea without sugar


It is the best natural fat burner. If u want to boost your weight loss process try to add green tea to your diet. This fat burner contains an antioxidant called Catechins one of the known Catechins Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that helps to metabolize the fat. Don’t add milk or sugar to green tea that adds extra calories which decreases its health benefits. Green tea also contains caffeine in a small amount when compared to coffee that stimulates weight loss.it is recommended not to drink more than 3 cups per day.1 cup of green tea contains 100 milligrams (mg) of caffeine.

Precaution :

Do not drink more than 3 cups of green tea it may cause vomiting and dizziness

Whey protein :


Whey protein for weight loss and building muscle
Whey protein


Whey protein is not only for bodybuilding. This supplement will burn fat also, Supplement with whey protein is the best way if you are not getting enough protein. It is a milk protein that is a by-product of cheese making. So it is completely natural. But try to pick the best brand available in the market because of the quality always matters when comes to health. The extra benefit of whey protein is it contains BCAAs.These amino acids can increase protein synthesis and helps to create new muscles.

Vegetables and fruits :


Fresh fruits and vegetables for weight loss
Fruits and vegetables


Most people know that fruits and vegetables play a key role and are an important part of a healthy diet because they contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and the most important one is fiber.it helps us to feel full. Most fruits and vegetables don’t provide many calories but they add bulk to our diet. This helps us to eat less.

No refined carbs :


Skip white rice and all processed foods for weight loss
Example : White rice and all processed foods


Excessive eating of refined carbohydrates will increase your fat mass and are rapidly digested and absorbed and they tend to raise your blood sugar and insulin levels. This makes our pancreas to release a high amount of insulin to prevent your glucose from going high. This makes our liver to produce triglyceride-rich lipoproteins & subsequent triglyceride deposition in fatty tissues which leads to weight gain. Say big no to refined carbohydrates.

EGGS for breakfast :


Eating eggs for weight loss


Eggs are full of protein and healthy fats and a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These will make u feel more full because of protein content and helps to eat fewer calories throughout the day. Eggs are one of the easiest things to add to your diet which makes your meal complete and they also contain omega 3 fatty acids that contain many health benefits

GET deep sleep :


A good sound feep sleep for weight loss
Deep sound sleep


It is one of the major risk factors to gain weight. If you are not getting your desired results from your healthy diet and workouts, think of your sleeping.people who slept for less than 7 hours were found very bad eating patterns. One of the biggest problem associated with the lack of sleep is an increased cortisol level. Aim to sleep at least 8 hrs of deep sleep. This will boost your fat burning process in the body.

Stop drinking calories :


Stop drinking beer and all sugary soft drinks
Beer and all soft drinks


Studies have shown that replacing water for sugary drinks helps everyone lose weight. Stop drinking coffee, soda, iced tea or sports drinks with contains sugar. Replace them with water. Sugar is very bad for people who are trying to lose weight. It spikes your insulin levels that tend to gain weight.

Chew slowly :

Many people chew their food very fastly. But chewing more can help you feel full and lose weights and it is good for digestion. If the digestion power is good the nutrients present in the foods will completely absorb into your system. Choosing the right foods for weight loss is important. But eating the right food and digesting it properly is very essential for successful weight loss. Digestion starts in the mouth, saliva contains an enzyme called lingual lipase which can metabolize fats.

Weightlifting :


Weightlifting to boost weight loss


Everyone already knows that losing weight can only be possible by increasing your metabolism. What everyone may not know is muscle plays a crucial role in increasing your metabolism. For example, a pound of muscle burns 10-20 calories while a pound of fat can only burn 5 calories so gaining more muscle mass burns more calories throughout the day

Cinnamon :


Cinnamon for weight loss


It is a powerful ancient herb that can effectively stabilize your sugar levels in the body caused by high blood sugar levels. It is good at increasing your metabolism and good at preventing food cravings. Hence you feel satisfied for a longer time and eat fewer calories and one more benefit from cinnamon is it can help the body to process carbohydrates more effectively and this assist you in losing weight

Cumin for weight loss :


Cumin for sucessful weight loss


It is another ancient popular spice that helps the body get the required energy and it helps to boost your digestion. So because of this properly, its the best choice to add cumin into your diet

Eat fat to burn fat :

Yes, it is correct.facts are not bad. Replacing your bad fats with good fats( monosaturated and poly saturated fats) can help you to burn fat. Even we need saturated fats in a limited quantity to function our body properly.so fats are not evils. Consider adding good fats into your daily life. When eaten properly fats can be extremely beneficial for our bodies to promote good metabolism and fat burning and hormone production.

Sprouts :


A cup of cprouts for weight loss


Sprouts contain chlorophyll that cleans your body and control hunger pangs and the enzymes in sprouts helps in digestion and these are very high in fiber content, low in calories, high in protein, rich in minerals and vitamins, low in fats and these will completely detoxify your body.

Apple cider vinegar :

Acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar and has many more health benefits including weight loss. It reduces the storage of fat in the body, suppresses appetite and increases our metabolism and keeps your digestion levels high. It keeps particularly belly fat and sugars in check.

Chicken breast :


A high protein chicken breast for weight loss
Chicken breast


A complete lean source of high protein and very low in fats, which means it does not only burn your body fat but also improves your overall body composition. Because of high protein is the only reason for including this into your lifestyle

Buttermilk :

It is possible to lose weight by drinking buttermilk but only if you replace your high-calorie beverages with it. One glass of buttermilk contains nearly 98 calories which are very low when compared to other
beverages available in the market like cola, sports drinks etc..It helps you to reach your weight loss goal and it is nutrient snack filled with protein, calcium, potassium.

Keep stress levels low :


Stress is the main cause for weight loss


Stress and anxiety are the two biggest things directly associated with weight gain. During the time of anxiety, the body releases a very high amount of cortisol hormone that leads to weight gain especially belly fat. It can decrease the ability of our digestive system to absorb nutrients. Poor digestion leads to weight gain. So, keep your stress levels at low by following a healthy balanced diet and workouts. Studies have proven that physical activity has some stress decreasing benefits.

Friends, adopt the above-mentioned tips to your lifestyle, losing weight is not a rocket science. You can easily achieve your weight loss goal by following these simple tips.

Thanks for reading my post and please share this useful post with your friends and family.

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