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Shreedhar reddy

My name is Shreedhar reddy and I am stunned that with the whole web as your play area, you are now listening to me about myself.

I swear, will definitely try not to disappoint you.

I am a very hard worker, sincere, friendly guy, Motivator and can speak English and Telugu languages. I take my job seriously. With my fresh fitness ideas and your hard work, we both can create an excellent result. Leave the boring exercises, diet plans behind and look to a future of fitness that’s really fun. I am the owner and developer of this website. It is an excellent source of health, weight loss,nutrition-related stuff. It will definitely help you to achieve your goals.

Why is fitness very important in life? :

Strength training and balanced nutrition made me a complete and better person. It made me healthier and more confident. Being fit made my communications with my friends & family better and more joyful. Increased healthy relationships in my gang. It also cured some of my severe anxiety disorder and mild depression. Basically, fitness it changed my life, and I want to spread my knowledge to everyone who needs it.

Why me?

From the last five years, I have been studying about nutrition, fat loss, bodybuilding. I have trained many clients in my area and hundreds on the Internet. I helped a woman in my area lose 54 kg of body fat. I have helped teenagers, students, and many more lose fat, gain muscle, and change their lives forever.

I’m very interested in helping others through fitness. Every client I train, every post I write: I’m here to help you and make your life better, and I’m damn good at it too.

Thank you

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